FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is MLS good for?

A) MLS stands for Multi Listing System it is used for listing properties on websites and property portals for advertising.

Q) Is MLS same as CRM?

A) No CRM is Customer Relationship Management it is a much bigger and more complex. Most estate agents in Dubai do not fully utilise any CRM as the agents do not share the Landlord or Buyers details with the company. CRM is only useful when you have all the data. MLS is just listing management for the sole need of advertising.

Q) Do I need to be on Sandcastles.ae to use MLS?

A) No, MLS is not limited to Sandcastles.,ae clients , you do not need be an advertiser on Sandcastles.ae and still use MLS for other portals and websites.

Q) How much is MLS?

A) We have two packages each is licenced for one year so the price you pay is the full price for the year. Please see our packages page for more details.

Q) Other companies charge per user per month, why is MLS charged per year and per company?

A) We believe you should not be restricted by technology in your business growth plans. We want to partner with you for the long-run rather than a short term. That is the main reason why we have gone with an annual company licence over individual per month user licence.

Q) Which websites and portals does MLS work with?

A) We use a standard XML Data format that can be used by any portal we have tested with Sandcastles.ae, Dubizzle, Property finder, Just rentals, Just Property, Bayut and others. Using our standard XML datafeed you can also feed into your own website.

Q) How can I get a 60 Day free trial on MLS?

A) Easy, just call us on 04 222 536 and schedule a meeting we can give you a demo and setup the free 60 Day trial Free training.

Q) Does the 60 day trial account have any limitations?

A) No limitations at all, if it did………it would not be a trial.